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Watch Matt Kemp hit for the cycle again

Because you can't get enough.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

We've already recapped Matt Kemp's cycle, one hit at a time. But now you can watch (and re-watch over and over again) each hit one after the other, alongside the calls from both Padres TV and radio broadcasts.

I'm not sure this video will ever get old. This accomplishment and this game will go down as one of the most unforgettable and momentous events in Padres history. These calls will be burned into our memories, and Kemp's smile burned into our hearts, for the rest of our lives.

I still can't get over the joy I feel. But even moreso is the relief. I know this doesn't mean the Padres are gonna come back and win the World Series this year (though I still, and always will, KTF), but the cycle was one of a list of feats the Padres had yet to conquer. It's so nice to be able to cross it off the list. And you know, it doesn't even matter anymore that it took so long for it to happen. Because last night was one of the greatest highs I have ever experienced as a fan of any sports team. Had it been the second or third cycle in club history, it still would have been awesome and exciting, but it wouldn't have had the same magic.

I wasn't around for really any of the previous big moments in Padres history. I was either too young or not that interested in sports yet. I missed out on Tony Gwynn's 3000th hit and I barely watched the last time the Padres made the World Series. But I'm so glad I was there for this, and that I could share it with the awesome people of Gaslamp Ball.