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Matt Kemp hits for the cycle! The first in Padres history!

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

OMG, did you guys see it?!  Did you see the first cycle in Padres history?  It finally happened.  Matt Kemp did it.  It was his first cycle too. This is all too much for me right now.  DEEP BREATHS!

Check my math but the Marlins are the now the lone team without a cycle.  Sucks to be them.

It came down to Matt Kemp's final at bat and he needed a triple of all things.  Those aren't easy.

It happened like this, Kemp homered in his first at bat on a line drive to center.  In his second at bat he singled on a line drive to center.  In the 5th he grounded out.   Then he doubled on a line drive to center.  Finally he tripled off the wall in centerfield.  A cycle with all his hits to centerfield.  That's amazing.  There should be a name for that.  I'll try to think of one.  Maybe #CenterCycle.  I'll start printing the t-shirts.

It's taken a long time, but it was worth the wait.  Thinking back on it now it barely even felt like 7,443 games.

I'll always remember I was sitting on my couch when it happened, checking twitter.