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Padres fans continue to be the best-fielding fans in baseball

Nothing new here.

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

For quite a while now, Padres fans have gotten a reputation as the best-fielding fans in baseball. Maybe it's all those years of watching longest-tenured Friar, Will Venable, make incredible diving catches in the outfield. Maybe it's that San Diego marine layer that keeps the ball hanging in the air for just a split second longer than normal. But it seems like at least once a week a foul ball flies into the stands at Petco Park, only to be caught with ease and/or creativity by a Padres fan.

There was the veteran on leave from Afghanistan who perfected the "catch-ball-in-beer-and-chug" play. There was guy the who made a barehanded grab with one arm while his other arm lay broken in a sling. The guys who fielded a ground ball while holding his little baby in his other arm, and dropping neither. The jumping catch of a home run from a fan in left field. Over the years we've just seen dozens of catches like these in the stands at Petco Park.

And 2015 has been no different. More often than not, a foul ball or home run ball will find its way easily into the glove or bare hand of a Padres fan. Just yesterday we saw two great examples. First up was this dude who cleanly caught a James Shields foul ball with one hand while holding his beer in the other, and not spilling a drop.

Later in the game, a young boy showed up all the adults around him by snagging a foul ball off the bat of Alexi Amarista.

What a natural. As Mark Grant points out, he already had a souvenir ball in one hand, and now he's got a foul ball in his glove. You'll also notice all the autographs on his hat. That kid's out at the ballpark enjoying one of his last days before he has to go back to school, he met a bunch of players and got them to sign his hat before the game, and now he's caught a foul ball. That's probably the best day of that kid's life right there.

Keep it up, Padres fans.