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Padres President Mike Dee says evaluation of Pat Murphy is incomplete

I'm behind on all my Padres news, so I'm catching up with this interview of Mike Dee. I'll take the notes, you read them.

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dee: "We haven’t seen that kind of offense all season long" | Dan Sileo - Interviews | Mighty1090AM

  • Dee says that MLB owners are becoming more like NFL owners by forming committees to tackle issues.
  • "We know what we have ahead of us in terms of postseason possibilities.  It's more important at this point, rather than to focus on the scoreboard of other games and other teams, just to take care of our own business and play as well as possible for these last 48 games.  A busy offseason lies ahead for sure.  We'll take a look at ways to improve this team."
  • Dee looks at August and September as the not only the last months of the current season but the first months of the next season.
  • The Padres put James Shields on revocable waivers.  Sileo asks if he should read something into this. Dee says it's customary.  The Padres did it partially to see who was interested and to see if it will set the table for offseason discussions.  "I wouldn't read too much into it."  Dee says they are under no pressure by ownership to slash payroll.
  • Dee says that the big lesson A.J. Preller has learned is that it's a big job.  Preller is the final decision-maker now.  Preller has done a great job, but sometimes it takes years to get settled.  Preller is not gun shy about making moves just because this season turned out to be so disappointing.
  • The evaluation of the manager is ongoing.  Preller and Josh Stein are deep into the assessment of Pat Murphy.  "At this point it's an incomplete grade."