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Who was the Series MVP for the Padres Against the Reds?

Vote for the Series MVP for the Padres

Denis Poroy/Getty Images


Too bad it ended with a bad dessert.

But the appetizer and the entree were delicious.

A nice little quesadilla for us to split within the group. People saying "Trust me, it'll taste good" so you start chewing and nothing's happening then BOOM. Your teeth break open the flavor surprise that was waiting inside and your eyes widen. Stunned that it looked so bland on the plate sitting there then to your surprise, it was AMAZING. Like a Justin Upton homer to take the lead. That kind of amazing. You're like, "Man, I hope the entree is good. I need it."

Entree comes out and as soon as it hits the table, IT'S THE GREATEST THING YOU'VE EVER LAID EYES ON. The steak is cooked to perfection. You sink your fork in and the steak releases some juice that makes your mouth begin to water. You like-a the juice. THE JUICE IS GOOD. Every bite is better than the last. You don't know what to do with your hands. Do you keep moving that fork towards you or put it down to take a breather? There's no time to even use a napkin. You don't want to chance wiping away even the slightest flavor from your experience.

Then you bite into the steak again and there was a small bone and you're like "For real?"

But you get over it, because it was worth it.

Then you start eating that baked potato even though the butter isn't melting on it which is a little suspicious.

The green beans aren't looking that nice either but you remember


So, overall it was a victory.

Time for dessert. Waiter brings it over and it looks terrible. Stinks too. You take your first swipe across the top and regret it immediately. Then, you spot some strawberry filling at the bottom of the bowl. MMMMM that is some good filling. But now there's the matter of no more filling and a bunch of ugly, stinky dessert.

You just stare at it.

Hoping it goes away.

"Maybe if it cools off, it'll taste better."

But it doesn't!

Plus the waiter's got plans for you because he just brought over some more compliments of a "Mr. Garces" in the corner and you nod to say thanks, but curse him under your breath.

"I just wanted that waiter to take it away but he ended up bringing more. This is not how this night should have ended."

You get the check, everyone argues over who ate what and who owes how much.  You saunter out of the restaurant unnoticed because you're a little bummed by everyone arguing over what was a pretty sweet meal. That quesadilla surprise followed by that steak was some good stuff.

But that dessert.



Batters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Alonso 2 12 -1 13
Amarista X 0 -2 -2
Barmes -2 X X -2
Gyorko 0 20 -2 18
Hedges 0 4 X 4
Kemp 1 3 11 15
Norris 1 X 2 3
Solarte 4 10 -2 12
J. Upton 10 8 0 18
M. Upton Jr. 0 0 X 0
Venable 1 0 -3 -2
Wallace 0 -1 1 0
Kennedy 0 X X 0
Rea X -1 X -1
Shields X X -4 -4

Starters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Kennedy 17 X X 17
Rea X 18 X 18
Shields X X 4 4
Relievers Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Benoit 6 X X 6
Campos X X X 0
Despaigne X 6 X 6
Garces X -11 -3 -14
Kelley 10 X 1 11
Kimbrel 8 X X 8
Mateo X X X 0
Norris X 7 X 7
Quackenbush X X 5 5
Rzepczynski X X 3 3
Thayer 4 X X 4

This series against the Cincinnati Reds was a good one because there were a couple really good bright spots in it with a few players vying for the Series MVP honors.

So, what you're going to do is give a rec to the player you feel was the series MVP in the comments below.

And if you feel the need, justify your rec vote by commenting under the name with words or numbers. Maybe even a picture of you voting for the Series MVP. Whatever you want to do down in the comments is your business.

So, go rec some stuff and vote for the Series MVP