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Trade Deadline: NL West Update

It's time to take another look at the division as the last two months of the season get underway.

The most welcome sight from the trade deadline.
The most welcome sight from the trade deadline.
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Now that the trade deadline has passed and the dust has settled, what's changed in the National League West? The Dodgers and Giants are better. The Rockies are worse. The Diamondbacks actually managed to do less than the Padres. How does it all stack up, and what does it mean for the Padres' longshot playoff odds?

Dodgers (58-45)


I can't even keep track.

Gave up

See above.

The reigning NL West champs made a big splash by making a 13-player 3-team deal with the Braves and the Marlins. The biggest names involved were former Friar Mat Latos and the albatross-like contract of Michael Morse (who was promptly DFA; he ended up going to the Pirates with a bunch of cash in exchange for Jose Tabata). In four starts against his former team, Latos has yet to secure a win. If that trend holds up, it's good news for the Padres, who need all the help they can to beat the Dodgers.

Giants (56-46)


Mike Leake

Gave up

Adam Duvall, Keury Mella

The Giants made one move this July, acquiring Mike Leake from the Reds to shore up their starting rotation. He's not a huge name, but his 3.56 ERA is a significant improvement over old man Tim Hudson's 4.80. On the other hand, the Padres didn't hit Hudson particularly well the two times they saw him earlier this season, so file this one in "well, who knows" category.

Diamondbacks (50-51)

There were late rumors that the Diamondbacks might make a move for hard-throwing closer Aroldis Chapman, but they did nothing. The Padres are 7-6 against Arizona this season, so the snakes standing pat puts San Diego in solid territory.

Padres (50-53)


Marc Rzepczynski

Gave up

Abraham Almonte

Despite rumors that A.J. Preller would trade just about anybody, the rookie GM did next to nothing. He made one minor improvement to the team by trading a spare part for a lefty reliever not named Frank Garces. It was a ballsy move; let's hope it pays off.

Rockies (43-58)


Jose Reyes, Miguel Castro

Gave up

Troy Tulowitzki, LaTroy Hawkins

For the Padres, this is the brightest spot of the trade deadline. After years of suffering at the hands of Troy Tulowitzki, who has a career line against San Diego of .292/.370/.494, the Rockies didn't just send him out of the division; they sent him out of the league. In return, the Blue Jays sent Jose Reyes. Reyes isn't a slouch by any means, but he's a significant downgrade from Tulo. The Padres have already beaten up on Colorado this year, and their deadline dealings just make it easier to improve on their 7-2 record against the cellar-dwellers.