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Padres Chairman Ron Fowler embarrassed by team's performance

I just finished listening to this morning's interview with Padres Chairman Ron Fowler. He's not happy. Here's my notes from Dan Sileo's interview.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Fowler: "To say we’re disappointed would be an understatement" | Mighty1090AM

  • Fowler says that everybody in the Padres organization is disappointed.  GM A.J. Preller and President Mike Dee are traveling with the team.  "We had far higher expectations."  The offense has disappeared since the beginning of the season and "it's frustrating as heck."
  • James Shields said in a previous interview that he believes that making the playoffs is a two year project.  Fowler rebuts him saying "Well that's James' opinion.  I have difficulty understanding why it would take that long but I'm hoping that's the case.  We're disappointed, we're trying to figure out what it is." 
  • Fowler doesn't think it's an issue of chemistry, but he doesn't know what it is.  He has talked at length with President Mike Dee the last two days.  Dee has been in 4 and 5 hour meetings with GM A.J. Preller.  "We're committed to winning."  He hopes the rest of the season is more productive.
  • When asked what he thinks of the team being 39-47, the same record as the 2014, Fowler jokes "I'd fire myself.  I'm very aware of that."  Fowler says he's embarrassed by what happened so far this season.
  • Everyone of the Padres starters is below their career averages.  "Our job is to sort it out."
  • The team improved the fan experience but they haven't improved the team like they expected.  "The only thing I can tell our fans is that we're trying our damnedest to figure this out and fix it."
  • "I'm at a loss to explain why Upton is hitting well less than .200 since June 1st and what's happened to Kemp this year."
  • Padres players would probably say they didn't play well enough to be All-Stars
  • "I wish that we had solutions. Obviously we're working very hard.  People are frustrated.  A.J. and Mike are there.  All I can say is that we're going to continue to work at it, we're going to continue to try and build this thing."
  • Fowler jokes that his wife gives him more heat than he gives to Mike Dee over the team's performance.