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Quiz: Padres name sandwiches

David Livingston/Getty Images

This quiz is a bit different than others. In this one you are tasked with determining the missing name which serves as one Padres player's last name and another one's first name. For instance, if this was a quiz about the Phillies, a clue would be "Steve _______ Loewer" and the answer would be "Carlton".

Unlike most other quizzes here, this one requires you to answer one-by-one instead of using the buckshot approach. If you're unsure, you're free to skip that one and move on to the next; if time permits you'll be able to come back and take another shot at ones you passed on.

After your three minutes are up be sure to log your results in the poll below and feel welcomed to comment on ones you got, ones you missed, what you had for breakfast, or whatever. Just be sure to use spoiler bars over correct answers.