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Padres Pillow Talk

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

If you follow Padres players on Twitter and Instagram, there's a good chance you've seen their tweets and posts about BedGear Performance Bedding. Bedgear supplies custom pillows and other bedding products that are designed to help maximize recovery during sleep while fitting the individual needs and body types of each user. The company announced earlier this year that they've partnered with four professional sports teams: the New York Islanders of the NHL, as well as MLB's Mets, Tigers, and Padres.

Bedgear reached out to us and asked if we'd like to try their pillows ourselves. They're Padres sponsors after all and we write a Padres blog.  Jodes and I jumped at the chance to rest our heads on the same pillows that our favorite Padres use in their boudoir.  Finally we'd get to play like big leaguers in the bedroom.

We were sent a questionnaire that we answered about our body type, our preferred sleeping position, our recurring injuries and how we like to get down and grind on a pillow.  We diligently filled out the form and within about a week  pillows showed up at our doors.

I received the Dawn model pillow, and immediately nicknamed it Dawn.  You don't name your pillows?  Weird.  Dawn conforms to stomach sleepers and narrow body types.  I'm narrow but a back and occasional side sleeper.  The body type must take precedence in my case since they seemed to have disregarded my sleep position.  What's nice though is that the pillow dissipates heat and prevents night sweats.  Now when I'm having night terrors and the Old Hag is on me, I'm still cool like the other side of the pillow.

I usually only purchase cheap pillows from Target but when I'm offered a $142 pillow I'll swing at it like Kemp at ball way outside.  Dawn is much heavier than my Target pillows but she's well made and well cushioned.  After a few months I end up folding my pillows and I don't think I'll have that issue with Dawn.

During Spring Training, Padres players, coaches, and staff members received performance bedding and customized pillows from Bedgear. It's hard to tell from this picture what model Austin Hedges received but it looks like the Balance 2.0 since they're both purple.  He may sleep like a baby now, but if he was down with Dawn he'd sleep like a man.

Jodes received the Will Middlebrooks special which I think is the Balance 1.0.  She told me her pillow model but my memory is terrible.  All I know is that when she saw Will's she typed "Twinsies!" So Jodes.

I've been sleeping every night for the past two weeks with Dawn and I'm growing more and more fond of her.  I had told BedGear that I'd been suffering from a stiff neck for the better part of a month and since I got this pillow it has completely disappeared.  I was under a lot of stress back then so it may be unrelated but I'm still going to credit the Dawn for her healing properties.

I think BedGear needs to hire Dick Enberg as a spokesman and change their motto to "A Padre on every pillow".  How great would that be?  Jodes and I are willing to co-star in the commercial with Randy Jones if necessary.

BedGear has been nice enough to offer us a pillow to giveaway to you our dear readers.  If you'd like one then write a FanPost sometime this week and the one with the most recs will get it.  If there is a tie or any other confusion we'll decide the winner.