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Trade Deadline: Less than five hours to go! Are you panicking yet?

Look at that trade bait.
Look at that trade bait.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The non-waiver trade deadline is just hours away, and A.J. Preller hasn't done anything. There have been more rumors than you can shake a stick at, but so far they've connected about as often as Ruben Rivera. So... are you panicking yet? Let's take a look at what could happen, and then you can decide for yourself if you need a Xanax.

Preller does absolutely nothing

There are any number of reasons this could happen. The Padres have a combined three years of team control left on Tyson Ross and Andrew Cashner, and that's not something to sell low on. There's apparently a lot of interest in Craig Kimbrel, but with Aroldis Chapman also on the market, the bidding may not be fierce enough. And Justin Upton is still worth a draft pick if they hang onto him for the rest of the season. Or maybe the team is just looking at their recent performance and an easy August schedule (they have only 6 games against winning teams) and thinking about playing the hot hand.

Preller makes a lateral move

Speaking of that easy August schedule, if you could swap Kimbrel or Upton for a shortstop, would you? No, not Starlin Castro, someone better than Alexi Amarista. It's not really that simple (Preller should probably be more interested in some high quality prospects), but if you could get a real shortstop you would, right?

Preller does absolutely everything

With so little time left, it seems extremely unlikely that the Rockstar GM makes more than one move, but do you remember what he did in two days in December? Preller could tear this team apart in the time it took you to read this post. It probably means dumping salary, picking up a few prospects, and Ron Fowler finally admitting this season is a bust. Oh, and a few people throwing around the words "fire sale". But I'm pretty skeptical about this scenario.

Me, I'm not panicked. In fact, I'd love to see AJ double down on this season, just because. But then again, I couldn't even be a competent general manager in a video game. So, what about you? Are you freaking out yet?