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Padres Rumors: Kimbrel wanted by Yankees, Ross wanted by everyone else

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to believe that still nothing has happened on A.J. Preller day.  I'm not sure how this holiday works though, it could be one of those events where Preller does all his work after we've gone to bed.  It doesn't seem right to leave cookies out overnight, maybe Cracker Jacks and hot dogs are more appropriate.

We're still hearing that the Yankees are interested in the Padres closer Craig Kimbrel but they sure are taking their time to get a deal done.

Jon Heyman says that it may be due to another team getting involved.  That team might be the Astros.

Yankees remain in Kimbrel market; could active Astros join them? -

Some believe the Astros may be making a stealth try for Kimbrel after landing two starters and an outfielder already, and several Astros-connected people suggested interest in such an endeavor, but their involvement is uncertain at this time.

Meanwhile the Cubs are still pushing hard to get Tyson Ross but there hasn't been news on that front for a few hours.

There are still lots of suitors looking to get their hands on Ross. I'd like to remind these team's execs that now's not the time to be cheap.  They need to give up the goods or else their fans will hate them.

So we continue to watch Twitter and wait.  If you're hanging up stockings for Preller's arrival on the scene don't forget the stirrups.