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Padres Prez Mike Dee says he'd comfortable even if team doesn't make moves

My notes from this morning's interview.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dee: "We Haven’t Given Up" | Mighty1090AM

  • Host Dan Sileo says "You can't say anything, again in my opinion, against what these guys [Padres leadership] did in the offseason."
  • Mike Dee says one of the most disappointing things about this season is the lack of consistency but that doesn't mean the team has given up.  "By the way we haven't given up.  As gray as the sky may be this morning after last night's game."  Dee says the team is looking at opportunities to improve this year's team as well as next year's.
  • Dee says that the goal is to make smart decisions.  There has been no mandate from ownership to shed payroll.  "It's really about balancing the value that we get back in return for the quality that we have and we believe we have quality players.  The harmony hasn't come together, if you will."
  • Dee says "We like the core group of guys that we have."  Most of the players are under contract for 2016 and beyond.  "We'll look at ways to put the appropriate pieces and address the areas we need to improve around that group if we don't make any moves here in the next few days.  I think we're very comfortable with that outcome if that's the way things shake out over the next 48 hours."
  • Dee thinks Craig Kimbrel is the best closer in baseball and because they have him under club control for the next 2 years he thinks he's a tremendous asset. A.J Preller is going to want to see appropriate value in return if he or any player is traded.  "This is not a stress sale situation."
  • "We're all disappointed in how this season turned out but we believe we're close."
  • "If we don't see the type of value back in return then we'll stand pat and be happy to go with the guys that we have."
  • Mike Dee says that A.J. Preller is evaluating manager Pat Murphy but won't start making lists of other candidates for the job until September.  Dee says that over the last 20 games Murphy made a difference.  "We think that Murph has made a material difference during that time and the necessary adjustments from his first few weeks on the job to get the team pointed the right direction.  We're very pleased with Murph to this point that doesn't mean it's his job by any means.  The evaluation process will continue through the rest of the season."
  • Dee wants to remind fans that A.J. Preller has been working hard to restock the farm system.