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SD 0, NYM 4: Pads drop first game of road trip

The Mets were on the board early and Syndergaarded the lead like their life depended on it.

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The last time the Padres lost the first game of a series 4-0, they went on to win three straight in a row and take a four game series. So if anything is to be taken away from tonight's shutout loss to the Mets, it's that good things are coming. The Friars drop the first of three in New York among a swirl of trade rumors which have just about everybody in uniform on the trade block.

All it took for the Mets today was two swings of the bat. A two-run home run from Lucas Duda in the bottom of the first against James Shields, and a two-run home run from Curtis Granderson in the bottom of the 8th against Shawn Kelley. Shields stayed in for a full 7 innings, giving Kelly the inherited run during relief in the 8th, who would end up giving that HR on the third pitch of the at-bat to Granderson.

Meanwhile, the Friar lineup fought against being no-hit well into the 7th inning, where a Will Venable single would finally break things up. Out of five opportunities to knock in RISP, the Pads came up blank every time. Venable, Yangervis Solarte, Yonder Alonso, and Abraham Almonte were the only good guys with hits tonight.

San Diego will bounce back and rally behind Tyson Ross and all of his trade rumors, taking it to all of Bartolo Colon for another 4:10 PST start.

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