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Padres Rumors: Tyson Ross is drawing interest

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres' acquisitions, trades and rumors of acquisitions and trades have been the most exciting part of this season.  This is how we'll remember 2015, if we remember it all.  The rumors are swirling and sooner or later something is actually going to happen.  Good or bad, something is going to happen.  Believe it.

It could be that the Padres will try to fill their organizational black hole at shortstop with Starlin Castro who's been struggling this season with the Cubs, hoping that he's a fixer upper.

But the Cubs won't be asking for James Shields in return as the Padres might have hoped.

Instead they'll want Tyson Ross, probably the most valuable asset that the Padres have to offer.

But every team wants Ross and the Padres are listening to everyone.

The Astros are among those interested.

Padres GM A.J. Preller will have to make this trade count because he'll likely have to get the most return for Ross or the bundle that he packages together with Ross. In 2020 we'll see distressed Rockstar GM t-shirts being worn at the ballpark and we'll for a moment briefly flash back to this time and place.  Only after what happens here will we know if that shirt is being worn ironically.  I'm pumped for some news..