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Trade Rumor: Padres talking about Upton with Baltimore

Could Upton Funk be the newest Charm City craze?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There's just a few days left until the trade deadline, and that means writers everywhere are chasing rumors like my dog chases birds. That is to say, bursts of news/bird chasing come from out of nowhere and give me whiplash. The latest is from ESPN's Jayson Stark, who says Justin Upton could be heading to Baltimore, possibly with either Tyson Ross or Andrew Cashner in tow.

The Orioles are currently sitting one game under .500 at third place in the AL East. While Justin Upton would be a huge boost to their outfield, who have only hit 20 homers (with 15 of them coming from Adam Jones), a solid starting pitcher would be even more important, since they're currently trotting out Bud Norris and his 6.79 ERA every five days. There's no word on what the Padres might get in return.

Update [6:15 PM 7/27/15]:

A trade deadline rumor didn't pan out. Are you as shocked as I am?!