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Wil Myers has wrist pain, because we can't have nice things

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Injured center fielder/first baseman/whatever it takes to get his bat in the lineup Wil Myers has been recovering from surgery he had last month to remove a bone spur from his left wrist. On Friday, there was some great news: Wil took a bunch of swings off the tee! More importantly, he did it without any pain. Of course, as Padres fans, we know that this good news has to be fleeting. Sure enough, Corey Brock had another update on Myers this morning.

Hopefully this is just standard recovery soreness and not an actual problem. Like when you spend the weekend gardening or cleaning and then all your muscles hate you on Monday.

Thankfully, there is some conclusively good news on the injury front. Brandon Morrow appears to finally be making progress:

And on Padres Social Hour today, Annie Heilbrunn and Bill Center mentioned that Tim Federowicz caught Morrow yesterday, so we may see both players back in San Diego soon.