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Padres are shopping their pitching staff, could be big sellers

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

You can see that the coil elements on the hot stove are starting to turn red.  Bits of spilled food are sizzling and smoking.  The Padres won't admit it to you or I but they are sellers and they know it because they suck.

I wonder who that could be?  Actually no I don't.  Padres Chairman Ron Fowler is still pretending like there's hope for the team, but it's all over for them.  What could happen in these next few games that could possibly have any impact on the team's decision?  The very best they could do is win those few games and then you're still a billion games out of the race.

Padres have not become Deadline sellers, yet |

"These next few games are critical," Fowler told late Thursday. "We have got to turn it around."

Jayson Stark says that basically half the staff is up for grabs with James Shields and Andrew Cashner among the big pieces.

Jon Heyman is hearing the whispers from around the league of the trades to come and the interested parties.

Inside Baseball: Big trade storylines involve Padres, Tigers, Hamels -

No less than Craig Kimbrel and James Shields are being offered around and could possibly go, as well as coveted, controllable young starting talents like Tyson Ross and Andrew Cashner.

Heyman says the Astros, Blue Jays, Royals and Dodgers are interested in starting pitchers.  In return the Padres would want top prospects.

Though like most with something good to offer, the Padres would target LA's top two prospects, shortstop Corey Seager or young lefty Julio Urias, in any deal for either of their established young pitchers.

The Padres aren't just going to be sellers, they're going to be big sellers. One rival exec told Heyman "They'll sell big. It's in their nature not to do anything halfway."  They know this leadership group so well, it's scary.