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Quiz: Rookie of the Year winners who also played for the Padres

David Banks/Getty Images

Two players have won the Jackie Robinson Award -- commonly referred to as the rookie of the year -- while a member of the Padres. Fourteen other recipients of the award, be it in its National League or American League iteration, played for the Friars at some point. In the quiz below I have noted the year and league in which each player won his plaque, along with the year or years he played his home games in San Diego.

As is the case with most of these quizzes, you only need to type last names. If you aren't sure of how to spell someone's surname, just try your best; I put in a bunch of close misspellings for each name so you'll get credit for knowing. This isn't a spelling test.

Once you're through, be sure to log your results in the poll below and discuss your makes and misses in the comments section. Don't forget to use spoiler bars over names, just to be courteous to those who haven't taken it yet.