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Padres fans have fun and get weird during rare rain delay

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

If there's one thing San Diego is known for, it's... not the sports teams. It's probably the weather. And one thing San Diegans, especially us Padres fans, are not used to, is rain delays. Today's is only the sixth rain delay in Petco Park's almost-11-year history, and the first ever in July. It is, however, the second rain delay this season. (Side note: there have been seven overall delays in Petco Park history if you count the bees in '09.)

If you've spent any time at all in San Diego while it rained, you might notice that San Diegans quite often don't know what to do with themselves when water falls down from the sky. We're used to having waves crash down on us at the beach, but fresh water? From the sky? That's not something we have a lot of practice with. So we drive like we don't know how, and we wear shorts and flip flops because we don't own rain boots or umbrellas. (Okay, full disclosure, I actually do own rain boots. But they literally have eight layers of dust on them because I never use them.)

So on the rare occasion when it actually rains long and hard enough to delay a game at Petco Park, what do Padres fans do? They have a blast is what. Because craft beer or YOLO, or something.

My nephew @connorfromcostco enjoying the @padres rain delay! #SDInHD #Padres

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And here is an anti-example of having fun during a Padres rain delay:

I'm still waiting to see what the grounds crew has in store for us this time around. I'm not sure how they could top their performance back in May, though.