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Austin Hedges raps on Padres Live

Yo! SDP raps

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not really a fan of Fox Sports San Diego's pregame show, Padres Live. But some days, they produce gems. Today was one of those days.

During a pregame interview with the most swoon-worthy catcher in baseball,  Padres Live hosts Mike Pomeranz and Clay Hensley asked Austin Hedges if he would do a little rap, live on air. Apparently word got out that the rookie Hedges has been singing/rapping for his teammates in the clubhouse, so the FSSD crew decided to put him on the spot. Thankfully for us he agreed, giving us a little piece of Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothin'."

Rapping is definitely not his strong suit, but you just can't help but smile watching that. As Jesse Agler pointed out during today's Padres-Rockies broadcast (following a replay of Austin's performance), he didn't even hesitate or act shy about it when asked to do a little rap on the air. I guess after the night he had last night (1-for-3 with a homer), it's hard not to be confident.


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