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Padres Injury Updates: Myers back in mid-August, Luebke has another surgery

Annie Heilbrunn has an update on Wil Myers who, I kinda forgot was on the team.  He hasn't really been healthy since sometime in the middle of May.  Since then he's had surgery to remove a bone spur and now hopes that he'll be ready to play by the middle of August.  As you might expect he's frustrated that he can't play a full season without getting injured but he's hopeful about playing out the remainder.

Wil Myers to begin light hitting within the next week; adamant he will see game time this season | Mighty1090AM

"This is coming back after surgery and rehab and I haven’t played really in the last two months. So I foresee this one being a little slower than last time, but not by much."

"There’s no chance of waiting until next season," he said. "I’m definitely going to come back whether it’s three weeks or six weeks. I’m going to play this year as long as there are no crazy setbacks."

He sounds about as impatient as I am.  When he does come back he'll again see some playing time at first base, which must thrill Yonder Alonso who has Myers and Derek Norris just popping in to take his playing time on a whim.

"He’ll play some first base for sure," Murphy said. "I know he’s capable of playing the outfield. We’ve got some options. There could be a clear opening where he could play somewhere full-time, or there could be some mix and match. Yonder [Alonso] could get time at third.

Yonder Alonso at third just looks weird.  Maybe they're trying to confuse batters and make them run out of the box toward third.  It must be dizzying.

There's also an update for Cory Luebke.  He had a minor surgery on his flexor tendon.  I just looked it up. He hasn't played in a major league game for the Padres since April 27, 2012.  Man, that was ages ago.

Padres' Cory Luebke undergoes minor surgery |

"They were some pressure or some pain from the nerve being in direct contact with an area that was inflamed," Padres interim manager Pat Murphy said. "They did a procedure in Arizona to reset where that nerve is and take some pressure off that area."

Now that guy is patient and a good patient.