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Padres All-Star logo is blue and yellow and the worst

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Whelp.  It's official, I hate the new All-Star logo.  Not because of the logo itself, even though it doesn't even remotely look like anything connected to the Padres organization.  The people that designed and approved this thing seriously pooped the bed.  Blue and yellow? You don't work for the Chargers, dudes.

But the real reason why this logo upsets me so much is because it most definitely (probably) means that the rumored new uniform designs will be blue and yellow also. When Ron Fowler said he wanted to see a sea of blue at next year's All-Star Game my heart sunk.

Padres unveil 2016 All-Star Game logo |

While Friday’s unveiling seemed to indicate that the organization was not leaning toward reintroducing the color to the Padres brand next season, team president Mike Dee offered a sliver of hope for a faction of fans hoping to "bring back the brown."

Asked if the All-Star Game logo’s color scheme ruled out the team again adopting brown as a primary color, he said "not necessarily."

Look I'm a big fan of the brown and gold and I realize that some of you aren't, but this decision crushed my spirit.  I'm so disgusted by the apparent new direction of the branding.