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Not all Padres players believe they can win

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I keep thinking about Pat Murphy's quote from the Darren Smith Show (4:15).  Basically he's saying that not all of his players believe that they can still win or make the playoffs... or not embarrass fans of the Padres.  Some players do, but not all.

Here's the quote as transcribed by Buster Olney:

"To be honest with you, I’m not sure if they believe that," Murphy said. "I’m not sure if enough guys have won and understand the difference between really winning. It doesn’t matter the level; it’s the commitment, the mentality, it’s the belief system, it’s the values that say, 'Hey, look, I don’t have to change everything, but I definitely have to change my behavior or my mentality towards this, and if I do that, I take care of myself and look around and lock arms with my brothers, this can happen.' I’m not sure if they believe it or not."

I'm with the guys that don't believe.  I hate being the pessimist but this team has a 2.9% chance of making the playoffs according to FanGraphs and they're likely to win 77.8 games.  We've seen them play and this isn't a team that has been on any kind of hot streak. If I know this then the players sure as hell know this.

Maybe not everyone is working to a common goal, but I would suspect that very few teams have everybody with the same level of commitment.  It's an unrealistic expectation for a team that's out of the race.  I don't blame them for thinking the season is over because it is, but I'd have to imagine that each of them are still at least trying to better themselves for their own selfish reasons.  The trick is getting their selfish motivations in line with the team goal of winning.  Maybe Murphy can help in that regard.

Something would seriously need to change for the season to take a turn for the better.  Bud Black's already been fired in hopes of creating a spark for the team.  It didn't work and in fact they've played worse.  If changes to the roster are coming as expected, it would seem that the team would get worse before it gets better, which is a scary thought.  It's all about setting the team up for success next year from here on out.