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Matt Kemp: "I'd boo us too, the way we're playing"

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In the top of the 9th things got ugly for the Padres.  There they were...on the cusp of being shutout for the second straight game and down by three runs to boot...   Kevin Qackenbush was called in to pitch the top of the 9th and that's when things got really homely.

Quack started the inning by walking Mike ZuninoSeth Smith then pinch-hit and reached base and advanced to second on a throwing error by Alexi AmaristaLogan Morrison then hit a sac fly to score a run.  Robinson Cano then doubled to center score another run.  One of the things I've liked about Pat Murphy so far is he's got a quick hook for bad pitchers.  In this case it didn't matter because Nelson Cruz came in and immediately gave up a two run homer.  Four runs in the 9th before the half inning mercifully ended.

It was presumably in that inning when the boo birds perched themselves in the upper decks.  Matt Kemp was asked about Padres fans booing their team in a post game press conference around his locker.

Gosh darn, I like that Matt Kemp.  A real straight shooter.  I didn't even boo, but I wish I would have so I could be just like him if he were a fan.  Kemp said that the team still has confidence in themselves and  then repeated that they just needs to play better in just about every way imaginable, which is true.