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Padres choose pitchers and center fielders with 6-10 draft picks

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Hey so did you guys hear the MLB draft is going on?  I've heard whispers, talk around the ol' water cooler.  So since we've last blogged the Padres made 5 more picks.  They are as follows:

6.  Jordan Guerrero (Polk State College, FL)

Guerrero is a 6'5" 260 lb. freshman at Polk State College in Florida.  That's twice my weight when I was a freshman in college, if you're keeping score at home.  Dude is a big RHP who has worked mostly out of the pen but got himself one start.  If it's stats you're looking for well has got them.  We're looking at a 1.59 ERA (4 ER, 22.2 IP), 28 K, 13 BB while giving up 22 hits.

7.  Trevor Megill (Loyola Marymount University, CA)

A.J. Preller has a thing for tall pitchers apparently, but don't we all?  Trevor is 6'8" and 235 lbs. with shaggy blonde hair, squinty eyes and good teeth.  He was selected by Cardinals last year but didn't sign.  He's a junior at Loyola and went 5-4 with a 3.60 ERA (28 ER, 70.0 IP) with 70 strikeouts against 37 walks while allowing a .246 average to opponents"

Padres draft big righty Megill in 7th round |

"We're very optimistic about his future," said Padres scouting director Mark Conner. "Near the end of the year, he was throwing the ball extremely well. We're looking forward to having him progress."

8.  Aldemar Burgos (Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy, PR)

I like when the Padres draft tall thin centerfielders.  It makes your boy feel like he may get the call someday, when the Padres need an aging star with back problems.  Anyway take a look at Aldemar's YouTube showcase and tell me you wouldn't draft him.  I dare you!

9.  Jerry Keel (Cal State Northridge, CA)

Keel looks like a 6'6" 240 lbs workhorse.  He threw 370 innings in his 4 year collegiate career.  After a quick Google search I can see why the Padres liked him.

CSUN pitcher Jerry Keel went 0-11 last season. It wasn’t just his pitching, as his strong 2015 start has shown.

"There’s no other sport where you can do so much and get so little," said Greg Moore, the CSUN coach. "We got to the point where we laughed about it. But we cringed, too."

10. Justin Pacchioli (Lehigh, PA)

Another center fielder for the Padres. He's a converted catcher who played quarterback in high school.  Here's some video of him dunking a Nerf ball on his teammate during an interview.  We got ourselves a multi-talented athlete here people!