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Padres draft RHP Jacob Nix with 3rd round pick

With the Friars' second pick in the draft they select someone with an interesting backstory.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

This isn't Jacob Nix's first rodeo. He got drafted last year and without him knowing it became awash in drama. The drama originated when the Astros lowered their offer to Cathedral Catholic HS alum Brady Aiken, their #1 selection. Part of the reason they wanted to low ball Aiken was because of issue with his arm (that got leaked to the media) and partly because they wanted to give some extra money to Nix. When Aiken refused to sign the deal, the Astros lost a lot of their allocated pool of dollars they were allowed to spend on their draft. With all their picks except Aiken and Nix signed and Nix being promised extra money for his slot, they suddenly didn't have enough money for Nix.

Nix didn't do anything wrong. He just said yes when the Astros offered him extra money. But because the Aiken drama ended at the deadline, Nix went unsigned. He attended the IMG Academy in Florida in order to get ready for the 2015 draft and today the Padres selected him 83rd overall. Like 1st round pick Austin Smith, he 6'4" and 220 lbs and is a right handed pitcher. The experts at felt he should have been a first day pick and thereby presents, in their opinion, good value here for the Padres. Here's what the scouting report has:

The Astros selected Nix in the fifth round last June and were to set to sign him to a well-above-slot bonus until their agreement with No. 1 overall pick Brady Aiken fell apart. Nix filed a grievance and ultimately settled with the Astros before the matter went to a hearing. He had been committed to UCLA, but instead of playing for any college this season, he joined IMG Academy's post-graduate team. Nix got off to a strong start, showing the same kind of stuff that initially piqued scouts' interest. His fastball gets up to 95 mph and consistently sits in the low 90s. He's improved his breaking ball, making it more of a curveball, but it and his changeup remain inconsistent. He's also made strides with his delivery, but still struggles at times to find his release point. Nix has some rough edges that will have to be refined in the Minor Leagues, but he has the upside to become a big league starter. He earns praise for his makeup.