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Alicia Gwynn gives tour of her house in new MLB/Coldwell Banker promotion

Kent Horner/Getty Images

I got an email from Coldwell Banker this morning telling me about their continuing series "Home Field Advantage" that features baseball players giving tours of their homes in a joint promotion with MLB.

"The Home Field Advantage series brings together the American Pastime and the American Dream like never before," said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. "Just like baseball, homes are filled with fascinating stories. This series allows us to connect with these icons on a more personal level and get a glimpse of how their homes are special to them."

Today they released the newest installment that features Tony Gwynn's wife Alicia and their family home in Poway.  Alicia talks about Tony being a homebody and insists that if it weren't for his love of baseball he'd have preferred to stay at home with his family.  She gives a tour of their large kitchen where Tony used to like to cook hot links.

At Home with Tony and Alicia Gwynn

When they were first looking for a home, the Gwynn's knew they wanted something which was completely their own - designs and all. From the way that Alicia describes the customization process, the kitchen is her domain. And in the Gwynn household, the kitchen was where most time was spent. Although Tony was an absolute wizard with the bat, judging from Alicia's recounting, he was not so awe-inspiring with a spatula in his hand, though he valiantly gave it his all.

We're even treated to some shots of Gwynn's trophy wall.

If you're the type that still likes Jake Peavy even though he's no longer a Padre, well you're in luck he had an episode last week.