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2015 MLB Draft: Day one open thread

The place to talk draft as a Padres fan.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome to the first day of the MLB draft. Sadly, the Padres have no first round pick today, but we can still discuss the events of the day and the coming days. For help on draft prep, please consult this friendly guide posted yesterday. For a look at the current state of the Padres farm system, take a look at this breakdown posted Friday. If you can't be bother to click on the links then I can summarize some important points quickly by saying the draft starts at 4 pm and can be viewed on MLB Network or a free, the Padres will first pick at #51 overall and the Padres farm system is in dire need of more talent despite the Padres being handicapped by lacking a couple more picks that they could have had.

Anything Padres or draft related goes. Sometimes we point out when local kids are taken. Other times we hate on whatever the rivals pick. At times we just point out trends in names or make a joke about a player name sounding like something else. Join the fun. Jokes are welcome.

As for the non-Padres related news. The Diamondbacks have the #1 overall pick and there seems to be a building consensus on who that will be. That's Vanderbilt SS Dansby Swanson. You can find a number of mock drafts projecting such. Here's one from Baseball America now has the same, but projecting differently not that long ago. Jim Callisand Jonathon Mayo of also has Swanson. No argument on that from Christopher Crawford of Baseball Prospectus. Or from Keith Law ($). They all also have LUS SS Alex Bregman going #2 to Houston and all but Crawford have Brendan Rodgers going #3 to Colorado. The lists start to separate at #4. We shall see if all this prognostication holds up.