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MLB Draft 2015: Draft Preparation Guide

Some references and links to help with tomorrow's draft

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The first thing you need to know about the draft is when it is and where to watch or follow. Coverage begins tomorrow at 4 PM PT on MLB Network and it will be streamed for free on If you can't watch (like if you're watching the Padres game that begins at the same time), but want to check up on the progress, I suggest using's draft tracker. If you're more into the twitter, then two accounts to follow are @MLBDraft and @MLBDraftTracker. Also the Padres should be tweeting their picks from the @Padres account. I will also have a draft open thread running in parallel to the Padres game thread on Gaslamp Ball. If you are looking to be way more hardcore than that, then I suggest perusing this MLB draft guide produced by the SBNation site MLB Daily Dish.

SBNation's best site for baseball prospecting,, has provided some good information leading up to the draft that could help Padres fans prepare. If you are not already aware, the Padres lost their 1st round pick when their signed James Shields. They also had a pick that was sandwiched between the first and second rounds of the draft that was awarded via competitive balance lottery, but those type of picks are deemed tradeable and the club dealt it to the Braves in the Craig Kimbrel trade. The Padres' first pick will come in the 2nd round, 51st overall. So, you have to dig deep to look at what kind of players might be available for the Friars. That prospect site is here to help.

2015 MLB Draft Board: College shortstops

The Padres just drafted a college SS last year in Trea Turner, but they have since agreed to make him a player-to-be-named-later in the Wil Myers deal and he'll join that organization in the coming days. So, they make have to go back to that well again to fill the system. USD's Kyle Holder sounds interesting as a glove-first SS. UCLA's Kevin Kramer also intrigues as a guy with a better bat and a big arm.

2015 MLB Draft Board:High school middle infielders

With the recent success of Ruddy Giron in low A ball and Jose Rondon manning the position in High A, perhaps the need isn't that great to add a more mature SS and a younger, higher upside athlete is desired. That could mean a high school guy who could trail behind those two guys. Nicholas Shumpert, Jalen Miller, Cadyn Grenier and Jon India are names to watch.

2015 MLB Draft Board: College first basemen

A college first basemen might be of interest to the Padres. The minor league system is bereft of big bats that man first base. There's no one on the list that stands out as being projected for #51, but perhaps Boston College's Chris Shaw, projected to go higher, slips. The other guys on the list could be of interest after day one.

2015 MLB Draft Board: College right-handerd pitchers
2015 MLB Draft Board: High school right-handers
2015 MLB Draft Board: College left-handed pitchers
2015 MLB Draft Board: High school left-handed pitchers

More arms are always needed, so familiarizing yourself with the names ticketed for the 2nd round or later would be beneficial.

2015 MLB Draft Board: High school third basemen
2015 MLB Draft Board: College third basemen

3B is another spot in the system that could use more prospects with major league upside. Poway High School's Tyler Nevin should have a last name fans will recognize. The son of Phil Nevin, he should be a consideration in the 2nd round unless he goes higher.

2015 MLB Draft Board: High school outfielders
2015 MLB Draft Board: College outfielders
2015 MLB Draft Board: College second basemen
2015 MLB Draft Board: High school first basemen
2015 MLB Draft Board: High school catchers

These positions aren't a big need for the Padres organization, but you draft for talent not need so they are worth looking over.