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SD 4, CIN 0: Despaigne doubles, but can't limit damage

Jay Bruce terrorizes Odrismaer Despaigne, when OD is really just using his starts to add clothing to his wardrobe with his plate appearances.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres were cruising into the today's third game of the series against the Reds feeling pretty high, after staging a huge comeback yesterday riding off a Yonder Alonso grand slam. Andrew Cashner was looking awfully shaky for the second time in the row, but the Friar lineup let Cash know he didn't have to worry. A series win was clinched, and the Pads hoped to collect their second sweep of the season.

But today, a valiant effort from Odrisamer Despaigne was all for naught. After giving up a solo HR to Jay Bruce in the second, Bruce was able to catch up again in the 6th to slam 3 more against the Pads, and 6 innings of 4-hit baseball was soiled by a pair of icky pitches. Johnny Cueto was looking strong as usual, despite a shaky first three innings that were saved by some broken bat outs.

The most fun part of the day was probably a lead off stand-up double from Odie, the first of his career.

After OD's first hit of his career a while back, he gives Kemp a front-row view of his second. Judging by the amount of clothes Despy earned last time, he's looking to have a fully replaced wardrobe within his next 10 plate appearances.

The offense story today was the Pads not being able to drive in RISP, leaving on 6 and going 0-8. Despaigne's double left him stranded, and after two more outs Justin Upton was squeezed for some out-of-the-zone strikes and promptly retired. Upton was K'd on a 3rd strike an inch outside in the 3rd as well, but the plate ump was pretty terrible for both teams.

The good stuff

  • Some patient plate appearances
  • Another shutout bullpen performance
  • A series win on the road
  • Did you see Odie's double?
The Padres head over to Atlanta to take on Craig Kimbrel's former Braves tomorrow. We'll get to see an uncharacteristically hot Cameron Maybin as well. Ian Kennedy will take the mound.

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