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Wil Myers starts rehab assignment today

The 24 year old outfielder/first baseman has joined the El Paso Chihuahuas in Las Vegas and will play at least 3 games for the club as he works his way back from a wrist injury.

Wil Myers taking batting practice with his injured left wrist wrapped.
Wil Myers taking batting practice with his injured left wrist wrapped.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In this case, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. Wil Myers is headed there for a rehab assignment per this tweet yesterday by write Corey Brock:

Wil Myers went on the DL with wrist tendinitis back on May 19, but had been missing games due to the injury going back to May. While he has had previous issues with his left wrist it was actually his right wrist that caused him to miss a lot of playing time last year. Last season it was a stress fracture to his right wrist that sidelined him after a collision with teammate Desmond Jennings. This year's injury just required rest and careful monitoring, but carries a fair amount of risk of occurrence so he and the team will be cautious.

Myers joins the Chihuahuas just as OF Melvin Upton Jr is leaving them to join the Padres in Atlanta. The Padres are likely to send Abraham Almonte back to their AAA club to replace Upton, but in the meantime some OF playing time opens up and Myers arrives just in time to fill it. According to Corey Brock, Myers will get playing time at both CF and 1B. He also states that while 3 games for El Paso are guaranteed, Myers' status will be re-evaluated on Wednesday (the Chihuahua's off day). As I said earlier, careful monitoring is important for this injury and recovery.

When Myers does finish his rehab assignment, a roster crunch is coming for the Padres. The Padres are carrying the standard 13 position players at the moment. After Melvin Upton, Jr. (likely) replaces Almonte on the roster, 11 of the other 12 are guys who began the season with the big league club. The one exception is Austin Hedges who is the backup catcher and would only be optioned back to AAA if he were replaced by another catcher. That's a long way of saying a tough choice has to be made. Someone who hasn't been in the minors all year will need to make their first trip to the farm. Players with an option year remaining are Yangervis Solarte, Cory Spangbengerg and Jedd Gyorko. Gyorko and Spangenberg have seemingly formed a platoon at 2B, so perhaps neither is an ideal candidate That leaves Solarte. Yangervis was the starting 1B for a bit, but with Alonso back and starting there and Myers coming back and able to back up the position, Solarte is no longer needed in that role. He also plays 2B and 3B, but, as mentioned, the Padres have settled on a platoon at the keystone and Will Middlebrooks is playing well at 3B. So, perhaps it'll be Solarte. Or perhaps Solarte takes over Spangenberg's role in that 2B platoon. We shall see. Roster crunches are happy problems to have as the team gets healthier.