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Two Padres who attacked Giants' anti-mascot in 1984 revealed

Giants' fan Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, made a documentary about Crazy Crab the Giants' anti-mascot of the 1984 season for ESPN.  1984 was a time when every baseball club was creating their own furry (or feathered) mascot.  The Giants decided to troll the those other teams by creating a commercial introducing Crazy Crab.  Then they decided to troll their own fans by having Crazy Crab take the field during games.  The fans of course hated him and started by throwing food and were soon throwing balloons full of urine at him.

The story ends when two San Diego Padres from the 1984 team body slammed Crazy Crab and injured the performer Wayne Doba's back and sidelined him for the rest of the season.  Wayne ended up suing the Padres and they settled out of court in 1985 for $2000.

Craig Elsten and his co-host Kurt Bevacqua discussed the documentary after a game a couple weeks ago.  Bevacqua was a member of the 1984 team.  Craig knew that Bevacqua was somehow involved.  Bevacqua tells a long story about his hatred for crabs since growing up in Florida.  Then reveals who his sidekick was in their attack by saying "I hate crabs... and so does Bochy".

Which Padres players attacked the Crazy Crab? | Mighty1090AM

Kurt Bevacqua, a member of the ’84 Padres, revealed the secret after questioning from Craig Elsten on the air. WARNING: this mystery has a shocking and hilarious twist at the end!

I don't think that story could have had a better ending.  And thankfully it sounds like Wayne's back wasn't permanently injured.