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Who Was the MVP for the Padres/ Mets Series?

Determine who should be the most recent Series MVP for the Padres

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

For about 6 years or so, I've been playing fantasy baseball. If you've never tried it, then don't. It'll change the way you watch baseball. You start worrying about points and two-start weeks. I can barely watch games without worrying about how many points I need from a starter to catch up to my opponent. But this addiction to fantasy baseball gave me an idea for something I want to try doing.

Starting today, I want to try to determine a series MVP for each completed series. I have created a point system which I already know might need some tinkering with. Batters, starters, and relievers will fall into different categories with different points for each.

Batters Starters Relievers
Single- 2 points per Win- 10 points Win- 5 points
Double- 4 points per Loss- Minus 5 points Loss- Minus 3 points
Triple- 6 points per IP- 3 points per IP-3 points per
Home Run- 8 points per K- 3 points per K- 3 points per
RBI- 2 points per Hits- Minus 2 points per Hits- Minus 2 points per
Run- 1 point per BB- Minus 2 points per BB- Minus 2 points per
Walk- 1 point per ER- Minus 2 points per ER- Minus 2 points per
SB- 1 point per QS- 3 points Hold/Save- 5 points
CS- Minus 1 point per
K- Minus 2 points per
GIDP- Minus 2 points per
Error- Minus 1 point per

Using these points, I wanted to try and have a way to determine who would be the series MVP. Each player has an impact on the game and thought it would make it easier to come up with a MVP for each series. Below you will find the point values for each player who had at least 1 at-bat or threw a pitch during the recent series with the New York Mets.

Batters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Starters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Almonte -2 0 X -2 Cashner 13 X X 13
Alonso X 7 5 12 Kennedy X 35 X 35
Amarista 0 6 3 9 Shields X X 33 33
Barmes 0 X X 0
Gyorko -2 2 0 0 Relievers Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Hedges -2 X X -2 Benoit X 3 X 3
Kemp -2 -3 3 -2 Garces X 4 X 4
Middlebrooks -1 1 7 7 Kelley 10 6 X 16
Norris X 12 -3 9 Kimbrel X X 0 0
Solarte 0 X X 0 Maurer 6 X 4 10
Spangenberg -2 15 1 14 Mazzoni 1 X X 1
Upton -2 -6 8 0 Quackenbush 0 X X 0
Venable -2 11 6 15 Thayer X 4 X 4
Cashner -2 X X -2
Kennedy X -2 X -2
Shields X X -2 -2

As you could see by the tables, some players struggled while other put together solid games. Some players had good playing time while others had barely any.

Therefore, I want to leave it up to you to determine who should be the MVP for the series win over the Mets.

Should it go to Ian Kennedy who put the Padres back on course with 6 strong innings that included 8 strikeouts and gave the Padres their first win of the series? Does James Shields steal the MVP honors with 7 innings for his 7th win of the season to stay undefeated and give the Padres a much needed series win.

Should MVP honors go to Cory Spangenberg for his 3 for 3 game in Game 2 which included an RBI triple that gave him 14 points for the game? What about Will Venable and his 2 run triple in Game 2 that helped give him the most points overall in the series with 15? Or did the returning Yonder Alonso steal your vote with his 4 hits and 3 runs scored in the series?

The choice is yours. Vote below to determine this series' MVP