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Padres read "Not so nice tweets"

Darklighter was nice enough to invite me to the game on Saturday.  We had a grand ol' time.  I think it was my 7th game of the season, which means I'm way behind pace of past seasons when I'd get about 30 games a year. Since I haven't been out to the ball yard quite as much as the rest of you this was probably only my second or third time seeing the newish entertainment between innings.

One of the features is "Not So Nice Tweets" which is basically a tamer version of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets".  Even though the tweets seem to be the same each time they still give me a good chuckle.

I was ready with my camera when Not So Nice Tweets kicked off this week and captured pictures of each of the five for you out-of-towners.  I wondered if they were actually tweets too, so I went to try and find the original tweet for this blog post.  That's me, always trying to help.

Melvin Upton

This is probably my least favorite of them all because it's not particularly funny.  It's also starting to really look like the Atlanta Braves won that trade anyway, which makes it even less funny, if that's possible.

Here's the original tweet.  Just as publicized.

Wil Myers

This one really cracks me up and part of the reason is because it cracks Myers up so much too.  Also because it's true.

This one is from Bernie Wilson.  Well done.

Ian Kennedy

I feel like the first time I saw Not So Nice Tweets they had a different ginger tweet for Kennedy.  Either way Ginger-Bearded Gremlin is a great visual and makes both Ian and I laugh with delight.

@ty414's tweets are protected.  So I can't find the original.

Derek Norris

So simple and eloquent.  It says so little and so much at the same time.  Norris's responded saying "You haven't even seen me with my shirt off."

@infinity111111's account was suspended probably due to actual mean tweets.

Joaquin Benoit

I can kind of see the muppet in Benoit.  After Joaquin reads the tweet, the Padres added a little graphic of Dr. Teeth from the Electric Mayhem Band popping out from the right.

I wasn't able to find the original tweet.

As much as this sort of thing is good natured fun, it makes me want to write mean tweets to the players in hopes that they'll read one some day.  I wonder if these types of tweets have increased since this kicked off early in the year?