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Wil Myers is healthy enough to take batting practice

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some good news for Padres fans.  Wil Myers is taking batting practice right now, as we speak!  He went on the disabled list right around May 20th with tendonitis in his left wrist.  Earlier this week Dennis Lin of the Union-Tribune reported that there'd be a good chance that Myers would take BP today and just as predicted he has.

As to when Myers will return to active duty, that is still unclear.  Bud Black says however that Myers will travel with the team on their next road trip and that's a promising sign.  If he's with the team, I'm guessing  there's a better chance they're planning for a return while on the road.

Padres' Wil Myers could take batting practice Wednesday |

"I think it’s better right now for Wil to be with us as, opposed to going Arizona (the site of the Padres' spring-training facility) to take his batting practice," Black said. "It’s probably better for him to be with our medical team because they’ve been with him for the last couple weeks."

The Padres and Annie Heilbrun tweeted out some video of Wil's sweet stroke.