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Matt Kemp batting in the leadoff spot isn't ideal, but it's creating magic

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I love when 1090's Marty Caswell shoots POV video of her interviews.  It's like I'm there and my voice sounds like hers and better questions than I could ever think of are coming out of my mouth.

Then, Matt Kemp, who's standing right in front of me, talks about his work ethic by saying "I just keep grinding.  I just... keep... grinding." and my jaw hits the floor, my heart skips a beat and my mind goes elsewhere.  And  when I think the hot flash is over he says "I just get my work in and get in that groove." and looks directly at me.  My knees get weak.

Kemp has no complaints about new manager Pat Murphy who's been batting him in the leadoff spot for the past several days.  Murphy for his part thinks that Kemp is getting comfortable in his new spot in the lineup.  He thinks it's a good thing for Kemp if that's what it takes to get him "rollin'" again.  Murphy says that when he suggested the idea of Kemp batting leadoff that there wasn't a consensus among his coaches and the front office personnel but it's proven itself to be a good move.  He won't say how long he'll leave Kemp in that position, but "if it's creating magic, then keep with it."

Not time to move Kemp from leadoff slot |

"Kemp has given us a real weapon at the top of the order," Padres interim manager Pat Murphy said Sunday. "It's helped him. It's helped us. You want your hottest hitter getting the most at-bats."

I love magic.