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Who was the MVP for the Padres/Diamondbacks Series?

Determine who should be the most recent Series MVP for the Padres.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like all I had to do was talk about a "but" and the Padres would finally win another series again.

In the post for the MVP of the series against the Giants48% of the vote went with a different "but" than the "buts" that were mentioned specifically in the poll.

Batters Starters Relievers
Single- 2 points per Win- 10 points Win- 5 points
Double- 4 points per Loss- Minus 5 points Loss- Minus 3 points
Triple- 6 points per IP- 3 points per IP-3 points per
Home Run- 8 points per K- 2 points per K- 2 points per
RBI- 2 points per Hits- Minus 1 points per Hits- Minus 2 points per
Run- 1 point per BB- Minus 2 points per BB- Minus 2 points per
Walk- 1 point per ER- Minus 2 points per ER- Minus 2 points per
SB- 1 point per QS- 3 points Hold/Save- 3 points
CS- Minus 1 point per CG- 6 points Blown Save- Minus 3 points
K- Minus 2 points per
GIDP- Minus 3 points per
Error- Minus 1 point per

Batters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Starters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Alonso 6 7 2 15 Ross 29 X X 29
Amarista X -5 0 -5 Cashner X 34 X 34
Barmes 0 7 4 11 Despaigne X X 13 13
Hedges X X X 0
Kemp 5 5 13 23 Relievers Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Middlebrooks -2 X -1 -3 Benoit 6 X 3 9
Norris 3 0 22 25 Garces X X -6 -6
Solarte X 10 0 10 Kelley X X X 0
Spangenberg 10 2 0 12 Kimbrel 7 X X 7
J. Upton 0 16 -2 14 Mateo X 5 X 5
M. Upton Jr. -2 X 0 -2 Maurer 6 X 5 11
Venable 0 3 1 4 Quackenbush X 5 4 9
Wallace X 0 -2 -2 Thayer X X X 0
Ross 0 X X 0 Vincent X X X 0
Cashner X 3 X 3
Despaigne X X 0 0

In this series, we got  some more players to come out and show their strength and prowess and other descriptive terms to explain what was used to bring the Padres a series victory against the division rival.

Derek Norris had a great game in the series finale with 2 home runs. But, and of course there's a but, this huge offensive showing came in the only loss of the series.

Matt Kemp had a great series going 5 for 12 with a run scored and an RBI in each game. Kemp is performing well in the leadoff spot by providing a double in each of the 2 wins and a lead-off home run in the series finale.

Cory Spangenberg had a good game with 2 stolen bases and 2 important runs scored in the series opening win.

Justin Upton broke the tie in game 2 with a 2-run home run in game 2 which led to a 7-2 win for San Diego.

Yonder Alonso had a quietly productive series going 4 for 12 with at least 1 run scored or an RBI in each of the 3 games while only striking out once.

Andrew Cashner was doing it all in the second win of the series with 7 strong innings pitched to go along with a bunt single for his first RBI of the season. Later in the inning, Cashner came around on a Kemp single to score his first run of the season as well.

The Padres Bullpen made a huge impact on the series in the 8 and 1/3 innings pitched by the relievers. The bullpen surrendered only 3 hits and 1 ER in the series finale and no hits/ER in the other 2 games. They also added 5 strikeouts and surrendered only 1 walk to help the Padres in their 2 wins.

The choice is yours. Vote for who you feel should be this series' MVP.