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Padres fans are good at grammar

That's something!

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It may not be 100% apparent when perusing Twitter or Facebook or really any comments section of any Padres-related social media profile, website, or blog (Hi, Gaslamp Ballers!); but Padres fans appear to have relatively good grammar.

The "writing-enhancement platform" aptly named Grammarly, along with the Wall Street Journal, set out to rate the 30 Major League Baseball fanbases in terms of their command of the English language. They used comments from the news section of each team's official website as their basis for the study, which found that the Padres fanbase had the the second-best grammar in all the majors, with an average of only 4.4 errors per 100 words.

Grammarly did the same study with the NFL fanbase in April, and they determined that San Diego Chargers fans averaged 5.7 errors per 100 words, good for 5th best grammar in the League.

When compared to the rest of the NL West, Padres fans are far ahead of the competition. The Giants and Dodgers fanbases come in at #14 and #15, respectively. Diamondbacks fans are further down the list at #19. Finally, we have Rockies fans all the way at #23.

Check out the full rankings with this nifty infographic:

MLB Grammar Rankings by Grammarly's Grammar Checker

I'm not really sure to what we can attribute this accomplishment, but let's soak it all in, Padres fans. We already knew we were awesome fielders, and now there's definitive proof that we have the brains to go with that brawn.

Mets Fans: Not So Amazin’ at Spelling and Grammar | Geoff Foster, The Wall Street Journal

In April, we recruited automated-proofreading company Grammarly to evaluate NFL fan bases on their grammar, spelling and punctuation. The findings rocked the NFL: At the bottom of the list were the Redskins. Grammarly used the same methodology for MLB teams. It reviewed 150 reader comments from the news section of each team website—10,592 total words, on average, per team. Mets fans had the most errors, making 13.9 mistakes per 100 words. It’s quite fitting considering the team’s unofficial slogans in past World Series years—"Ya Gotta Believe" (1973) and "Baseball Like It Oughta Be" (1986)—were littered with typographical errors.