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SD 8, SF 13: Offense can't make up for poor pitching

The Padres finally score some runs, but the Giants score a buttload more.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Usually when things are feast or famine, you're at least given the opportunity to crush the opponent into oblivion as you feast. For today's early series finale against the San Francisco Giants, our feast was toppled by an even larger banquet of runs. The Padres' offense was straight up outgunned by the relentless Giant attack.

The previously undefeated James Shields has now gone 0-for-2 in his last 4 starts. Albeit one of those non-decisions could have easily been pinned on him, Sheildsy has been dipping up and down a little as of late. Today, he gave up 6 unanswered runs. Shields lasted a full 4 innings, being credited with 7 earned runs in 9 hits, while striking out 7 and walking two. Which would have actually been fine, if the bullpen didn't come in and give up 6 more runs. A combined poor effort from Shawn Kelley, Marcus Mateo, and a typically strong Brandon Maurer allowed the Gnats to pile the runs on top of the fighting Friar lineup.

A lineup that showed some fire today, after getting straight goose-egged for nine straight innings yesterday. Will Middlebrooks belted out an RBI-triple in the 7th, followed by an Alexi Amarista RBI-single. The Ninja would add on another run for the Padres today with an RBI the following inning. The 8th was a run parade: Clint Barmes popping off an RBI-double, Matt Kemp hitting his 5th homer of the season for 2 more runs, and RBI-singles from both Brett Wallace and Yangervis Solarte.

The lineup kept things nice and tight, but a pooped-out Padre bullpen let that slide off the deep end with three hits and four runs. James takes the loss for that one, as his ERA kicks up to 4.24 and the Padres record swings down to 35-40 after 75 games.

The optimistic takeaways of today's series loss:

  • Matt Kemp hit another home run
  • The Giants didn't hit five triples against us
  • Austin Hedges still looks damn fine throwing out runners

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I wasn't able to catch a lick of today's game, but the winners of today's game thread, jthunder and Mr. Meadows, did.