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Paul Lukas thinks Padres have one of the three worst uniforms in sports

Paul Lukas was on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday and Dan asked him to name the three worst uniforms in sports.  Paul mentioned the Padres as one of the three.  Later in the interview their discussion went something like this:

My transcription:

Dan Patrick: Give me the uniform that needs to be brought back.

Paul Lukas:  That needs to be brought back? I think of the things that fans would really love to see is for the San Diego Padres to bring back the brown.

DP: [Exasperated] UGH!

PL: What the Padres have now is not ugly. It's not bad looking, but it's utterly characterless.  It says nothing.  It's bland.  And this is a team that has history, if you go back, to making visual statements with their uniforms.  If you go back to that Steve Garvey era of the Padres with what we call now the Taco Bell uniforms, I'd love to see that brought back.

DP: Paul good to visit with you.  Thanks for joining us.  Paul Lucas from  I remember seeing the Padres at Cincinnati's River Front Stadium, Nate Colbert, it was a double header and I went to see the Padres.  There were plenty of seats still available.  I went to see the Padres play and I think Nate Colbert had 10 RBIs in the double header but the uniforms stayed with me, stayed with me until I changed my first diaper and I said "Oh I've seen this before. Oh it's the Padres uniforms"

I'm surprised that Dan isn't much of a fan of the brown, even comparing the colors to baby feces and urine. I wouldn't have expected that, but there he is doing it just like the others that dislike the old uniforms. I would prefer baby excrement rubbed on a uniform over what they wear now and especially over the sand unis.