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Corey Brock's thoughts on the firing of Bud Black

My notes from the interview

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Brock interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Since Black was working without a contract for next year Brock was not terribly surprised by Black's firing.  It's rare to have a manager stick around with one club for so long.
  • Brock thinks that it was a collaborative decision between Ron Fowler, Mike Dee and A.J. Preller to dismiss Black.  "It's obviously been on their mind for a while."  He doesn't know why the decision was made now but he assumes it came from the very top.
  • Dave Roberts will be the interim manager before the next Interim Manager is hired.  Brock thinks it must be weird for Roberts since he and Black were so close.  Pat Murphy the AAA Manager would be an interesting choice for the Interim Manager.  AAA Manager may be the most difficult job in baseball.
  • "None of this is truly a reflection on Bud Black, if that makes any kind of sense."  Leadership may feel that Black's firing will give a spark to the players to play better.
  • The players haven't played consistently and if they're not in the race by July 1st the team may sell and take a step back to take a step forward.
  • Black outlasted 3 team presidents, 3 owners and 4 GMs. 
  • Black has truly not been given anything to work with from the draft.  It's been a tough job for him.
  • Black was a great manager of people.  He'll eventually land on his feet and be fine.  "I still think this is a loss for Padres baseball fans by and large."