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Wil Myers Returns to the DL After 3 Games

After 3 games back, Wil Myers finds himself back on the shelf.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In what has already been a roller coaster day, the Padres news stops for no one. Now, it's been announced that Wil Myers is back on the disabled list with reliever Cory Mazzoni on his way back to the Padres for his third stint with the team this year.

This is...troubling. Myers has missed a month of this season before returning to the team for only 3 games, With Myers out, it does relieve the pressure on Yonder Alonso to have to play 3B and will give Melvin Upton Jr. more chances at playing CF with Myers out.

But having Myers out again with wrist issues is a troubling situation.  He missed nearly 3 months with a right wrist injury last year with the Tampa Bay Rays. Having him out with left wrist injuries this year is certainly worrisome, especially for a team that is searching for stable ground right now.

While we can only hope that this is a simple 15-day DL, it can't be ignored that there might be more to it than just getting some rest. More will come soon, but further injury to one of the more promising players for 2015 is a huge blow to an already hurt Padres team.