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Bud Black has been fired; Dave Roberts named interim manager

The second-longest serving manager in the National League is officially out of a job.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres have just announced that manager Bud Black has been fired.

While the team searches for a new manager, bench coach Dave Roberts will be the interim manager. Black's final record as Padres manager is 649-713 in eight years and change, with only two winning seasons and no playoff appearances. The team's best performance under him came in 2010, when they finished with a 90-72 record, one game out of a playoff spot.

There's no word yet on why he's been let go, with the team sitting just one game under .500 and four games out of the wildcard race with 97 games left to play. There are a whole host of possible reasons. The underperforming pitching staff has been a problem all season long, and brutal slumps from Matt Kemp and Jedd Gyorko on offense have hampered the team on the plate. There may be clubhouse strife, as James Shields was vocally upset about being pulled in the seventh inning yesterday.

Or it may just be that the team was going to ditch Black at the end of the season regardless, but they need to make a move now to get the manager they want. Regardless, the fact is that a team in playoff contention has just fired the second-longest serving manager in the National League.