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Aerosmith concert at Petco Park likely means dead outfield grass for entire homestand

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If you attend the Padres game tonight, don't be surprised if Petco Park's outfield grass is still scarred by the Rolling Stone's concert stage a couple weeks ago.  Events like these make the grass brown but bring in the green dollars for the Padres, so expect to see more concerts during the season.

It looked really bad on TV and even worse in person.

I think most fans had hoped that the turf would be replaced during this past road trip and looking perfect again by the time the Padres returned home.  That's doubtful though since Aerosmith performed on Wednesday night for a private event at the ballpark and their stage sat in the same place in the outfield.

Aerosmith will perform a private concert Wednesday at Petco Park. |

Wednesday's Petco Park concert is part of Cisco's Sunday through Thursday convention here. The stage for Aerosmith will be in the stadium's outfield, which is where the stage for the Stones' show was also located.

I would think that we're destined to see dead grass in the stage's footprint at least through the next home stand.

I'll bet that we don't have this problem when Taylor Swift plays Petco Park in August.  In fact the field crew probably won't be able to stop beautiful flowers from growing out there.