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SD 0, ARI 11: Friars famine, Snakes feast

The Diamondbacks' open-roof formation paid off big time.

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This is one of those games you push far, far back into your memory. You try your hardest to forget. Maybe you avoid the internet for the rest of the night, and the following day. You might even start up therapy. These are all reasonable responses to the sickening beatdown that the Padres experienced tonight.

I'll make it as short as possible. Four in the first, two in the third, two in the fifth, two in the sixth, one in the eighth. Padres zip. Nothing, nada. Starter Odrisamer Despaigne, filling in for a DL'd Brandon Morrow, lasted 5 grueling innings, giving up 10 hits and 8 runs, all earned. Nick Vincent came in to relief OD, aka giving up only 2 more runs. Kevin Quackenbush didn't give up any. Then Dale Thayer gave up another.

The Pads are melting down every other game in almost every category. The starting rotation is conceding way more runs that ever imaginable, given their 2014 reputation. The defense is booting a ball here and there. The bats are either on fire or ice cold.

If you're still with me, Yonder Alonso was injured after his shoulder being popped on a hard-hit ball to first.

What looks like a dislocated shoulder, the details on what (unfortunately) seems like a DL-inducing injury will pour out soon.

I'm not going to suggest alcohol to stifle the brutal experience of this 11-0 loss, but I'm not going to say it won't be effective. Regardless, Keep the faith. If the Padres stick to their pattern this 2015 season you should expect a 15-2 win tomorrow. Plus, when we win out of this four-game series it will kinda be like we swept them in a 3 game series.

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Everybody who game threaded through this loss is a winner in my book.