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Matt Kemp approves of your Mariachi Band

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last night prior to the game in San Francisco the Giants pulled out all the stops for their Cinco de Mayo celebration.  They wore their Gigantes uniforms and had a mariachi band play on the field.  The youth singing was incredible and Matt Kemp took notice.  I, in turn, took notice of Matt Kemp.

Just imagine if you did something cool enough that Matt Kemp thought it was cool.  If that head nod was aimed in your general direction you'd feel like a million bucks.  That's the kind of head nod that could change the entire direction of my life.  Kemp's head nod is pretty much on par with a thumbs up from the Fonze.

Here's the video and vine that SB Nation compiled this morning:

Just let this vine repeat and follow the head nod.