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SD 0, SF 6: Padres stuck in funk

Nobody likes weak pitching, sloppy defense, and an offense that lacks. That's why the Padres are getting it all out of their system.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If the Padres were a character in Breaking Bad right now, they'd be Jesse Pinkman. A character going from small-time to big-time, full of potential, but currently being dumped on, hard, until their ultimate breakthrough. There are also some clear parallels in expletives being constantly shouted.

After tonight, two straight losses and something like 20 innings of scoreless baseball, the Padres are being dumped on. Andrew Cashner went six innings getting batted around, giving up 4 earned runs in 7 hits, including a home run. Justin Upton launched a ball, only this time from left field to the home plate backstop. Yangervis Solarte channeled some Latino bullfighting mechanics in honor of Cinco de Mayo and olé'd a grounder under his glove into right field. These errors piled things up for the Giants' snotty 6-0 victory.

On the bat side of things; only four Padres managed to hit the (apparently) shut-out caliber San Francisco pitching. Cory Spangenberg, who was batting lead off in place of Wil Myers. Solarte, who I think is not even allowed to go hitless. Justin Upton, who stole another base today. And surprisingly, Jedd Gyorko. Not even a mixup for that last one there.

Tomorrow the Pads are going to count on a dominate Ian Kennedy and a fan-required 8 runs to make up for these past two games, avoiding a sweep.

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