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Padres attempt to change Giants' tune as they face Vogelsong

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers roughed up Ryan Vogelsong in his last start.  They hung 4 runs on him and he was forced out of the game in the third inning.  The Padres' offense, which Bruce Bochy says is the best he's seen since 1998, will try to score enough runs to not only remove him from the game but from the big leagues altogether.

San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants - May 5, 2015 | Preview

"I'd say that's a fair assessment," he said.

Meanwhile the Padres will have Andrew Cashner take the mound in AT&T Park, a place where he has not historically had much success.  Buster Posey has been part of the reason as he has racked up a .529 average off of the bearded, duck hunting, camo loving, right handed Texan.

Yonder Alonso is still questionable to start back at first base this evening at 7:15.  He was hit by a pitch in the shoulder blade on Sunday, I believe, and was out of the line up for that reason yesterday and because he is left handed.

All signs point to a Padres win tonight, so get your expectations up and settle in for a no doubter.

Go Padres!