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Despaigne collects first hit and new wardrobe as bet is paid off by teammates

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago on April 20th in Colorado, Padres starting pitcher Odrisamer Despaigne collected his first Major League hit.  He slapped a grounder to right field and his teammates in the dugout celebrated his first hit in 31 at-bats.  Even Despaigne broke into a smile which is quite the departure from his usual nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude.

Part of the reason Despaigne was having so much fun was because he had a bet with his fellow Padres.  After watching his poor batting practice this season they promised him a new wardrobe if he got a hit.  It must have seemed impossible at the time, but it happened.

Odrisamer Despaigne adjusting well to life with San Diego Padres, in U.S. |

A bet had been won. Despaigne would add a few new items to his wardrobe, compliments of outfielders Matt Kemp and Justin Upton and pitchers Joaquin Benoit and Andrew CashnerThe sides have agreed that Cashner, a native Texan, will pay his debt when the Padres visit the Rangers in July.

Yesterday Matt Kemp and Joaquin Benoit paid off their end and Despaigne tweeted out a picture of his new bag, shirt, belt and kicks.

Brady, the fashionista over at tallied up the Gucci and Louis Vuitton loot.

Brady has the belt at $635, the backpack at $2,440, the Gucci wallet at $640, the Gucci sneakers at $895, the Gucci black belt at $355, the LV moccasins at $710, the shirt for $250 and the shades at $500 for a grand total of approximately $6,400.  Quite the haul, but a drop in the bucket for these guys.