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SD 0, LAD 2: Pads zero'd again

What year is it?

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There are two explanations to tonight's 2-0 loss to the Dodgers. One is that the lineup is simply slumping, and it is taking a long time for everybody to come around. The second is that the entire planet Earth has been enveloped in some sort of time-traveling inter-dimensional portal and the San Diego Padres have gone back to their 2014 woes.

Basically, the faces are new but the problems and the record are the same.

After a great unsupported performance from Andrew Cashner last night, Ian Kennedy was lined up for the start. But Kennedy's infectious smile and ginger beard, coupled with 6 innings of 6 strikeouts and only 2 earned runs, weren't enough to spark a much-needed fire in the Padre bats.

Instead, the Friars were one-hit in a Mike Bolsinger and Kenley Jansen combination, and trumped by a measly two runs. A team that returned home from a 3-game sweep off the Giants are now being made to look awfully good. Yangervis Solarte was the only Padre to earn a hit today and the exclusive club of fellas who did not strike out tonight - along with Derek Norris and Abraham Almonte.

These losses are either getting harder to swallow because of the impending doom that they imply, or easier to handle because our skin is being hardened from a collapsing hype train. Either way, some changed are going to have to be made real soon. One change tonight was trying Will Middlebrooks in a major-league debut at shortstop. Didn't do much in terms of winning outcome - but it showed an effort to boost a lacking lineup.

Good news is that tomorrow sees a winning record (whatever that means for pitchers) James Shields go up against a rookie Carlos Frias, who had a pretty honest game against the Giants in his last start (holding them to only one run.) Expect at least two home runs conceded from Shields and a close win for the Padres.

Fingers crossed, keep the faith.

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